This Party Sucked

July 31, 2008

This past Saturday, Business Class artists Jackson Swinton performed at Gallery Bar for our dear friend, Lee and his peoples who were organizing a party there. We rolled there craaazy deep and all of our JS and BC soldiers were in full effect. Staten Island was in the building like it was a Wu Tang show in ’94. The whole team came out to support and we were all having a blast. It was a lovely, summer afternoon and with all of our friends and family around, hanging on the sidewalk and in the spot, we were actually all having a genuinely nice time. The djs were good, the tunes were right, and everyone was excited to see our boys Jackson Swinton perform.

Even though there was only one microphone for the three group members, Jackson Swinton got on and proceeded to rip shit, dipshit. Swinton humped a big girl, Dee did a back flip off the bar, and Ricky whined pon gyal after gyal. They put on a raucous, balls-out (literally even, I think) show. Most of the crowd was fam and, since this was only the second JS show ever, hadn’t ever see the boys perform. It was a great, intimate, friends-and-family type preview showcase. We were all having a great afternoon.

The normal set was so well-received by the vast majority of the crowd (all friends, basically) that Jackson Swinton’s DJ, Max Glazer, decided to extend the set with two additional songs, one soon-to-be smash hit called Going Down and another song, also a smash hit, called This Party Sucks.

Well, when the boys began playing This Party Sucks, the girl who was promoting the party didn’t quite realize that it was just a song, a joke. She thought they were actually saying that the party sucked. This being the first week of her new party, the girl caught feelings and allegedly went out front and started crying. Her peoples got HEATED and started running up on Max and talking ish. One of the promoter’s male friends, a young man who, let’s say, lives an “alternative lifestyle”, even did a crazy disrespectful RuPaul sashay right through the Twins during their performance. How rude!

Well, you know how we get down and let’s just say a minor riot bruk out. I say “minor riot” because no one got seriously hurt up, no machines were rised, no one went to Mister Madden. It was pretty hilarious though and Phillip got most of it on film. Peep the clip.


4 Responses to “This Party Sucked”

  1. Business Says:

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  2. Tiffany Says:

    That party did look like it sucked. Nobody was dancing and everyone was standing around talking during the performance.
    I don’t know why the host was so upset. They were just calling it like they see it. Not every party is successful.

  3. MDAVID Says:

    Yo yo yo – good to see everybody at the Gallery Bar

    BIG UPS to Max Glazer for taking the hi road, and not punching that girl in the face, prob kept her from catching one overall.

    Girl has a funny way of hosting a party.

    This fool coulda caught one too..

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