Lacoste PF170 Dinner

August 15, 2008

Lacoste is the one and only originator of the tennis (or polo) shirt which completely revolutionized athletic and casual clothing almost eighty years ago.  It was created by tennis legend Jean René Lacoste (nicknamed “The Crocodile”) in 1929 and continues to be the world’s premier luxury tennis item, outfitting top tennis players around the world including America’s own Andy Roddick.  This fall, Lacoste is launching their totally redesigned women’s polo, the PF170.   

This past Tuesday, Business Class affiliate company, The Class Trip Corporation, launched this iconic item by pairing it with some of New York City’s female icons-in-the-making and hosted a private dinner for these trendsetting women (and the men who love them.)  Guests included killer designers Leah McSweeney (Married To The MOB) and  Claw Money, brilliant photographers Angela Boatwright and Danille Levitt, Editors Annie Fisher (Villiage Voice) and Claudia Wu (Me Magazine), hot bloggers Wendy Lam (Nitrolicious) and Jen Wannaranchue (Worship Worthy),  filmmaker Jauretsi Saizarbitoria, and publisher Dana Albarella-James of Testify Books.  Their men-in-waiting were the always gracious and ridiculously talented Todd James (REAS), Rob Cristofaro of ALIFE, Music Producer and DJs Fancy, superstar reggae DJ Max Glazer, On-The-Go Ari, architect Rafael déCardenas, and FreshnessMag editor Yu Ming Wu. All guests received their very own personalized PF170 to sport this fall.  

Peep the pics…





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