No Fool

October 21, 2008

This is Nick Catchdubs.

Nick is the the co-owner of Fool’s Gold Records along with DJ A-Trak.

Nick is one of those guys who is so nice and has such a great, positive energy about him that whenever I see him, I walk away questioning the direction of my spiritual life and all of my human interactions. Seriously. Him and DJ Ayres win the nice guy lifetime achievement awards. (Even though Ayres is secretly a disgusting pig)

Anyway, Nick has big upped the Business Class blog a few times in the last few weeks. He even went as far as saying that our blog was a “Whitman’s sampler of pop culture.”

(I think it’s more like a Vosges sampler, but whatever.)

Anyway, because we here at Business Class have our own music shit to get popping off, I just can’t return the favor. I mean, he’s our boy, but he is “the competition.” Or, about to be at least.

Like I’m gonna sit here and talk all about Fool’s Gold Records and Kid Sister and DJ A-Trak and all that stuff?

I’m gonna big up my man Dust La Rock and his amazing art direction and the record label that Pitchfork praises for days?

Come on bro. No way. I love your label but we’ve got our own stuff to bump.

Good looking though.


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