Other People's Electricity

October 27, 2008

Stephen “ESPO” Powers just sent me some brand new, never-before-seen work that he will be exhibiting at Colette in Paris beginning December 1.

He also sent me a message to go along with these works…

From Steve…


From the series called “Using Other People’s Electricity To Light Your House”. These portraits of lesser-knowns and unknowns, both deride the celebrity obsessed art of our time, while getting in on the action. Going beyond image, I paint the names of people that have made significant contributions to the world, but missed out on the fame or fortune. Rather than use celebrity to sell a painting, I use painting to sell you on people worth knowing. A comment on the arbitrary nature of success? A jab at artists that make celebrity the central theme of their work that they sell to self-centered celebrities?  Or am I worried that by making difficult work Im gonna end up like these these people Im painting? 


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