October 31, 2008

When you have friends who are all former, felony-indictment vandals, they usually write their name all over stuff whenever they come to your apartment.

Sometimes, ESPO will be in my apartment for five minutes and, even though it felt like I was watching him closely the whole time, he’ll leave and then I’ll find shit he wrote his name on for the next six months.

I was really pissed off earlier this year. I was getting ready to go on a family vacation to Atlantis and when I found my passport, I realized it had been vandalized by Mister Powers. Customs officials don’t take very lightly to altering passports these days so I had to spend a bunch of money and go to Connecticut to get a new, emergency passport. What a dickweed.

Joke’s on you though, Steve. Keep up the fine work and I’m sure this will be worth a lot of money some day.


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