Go Stay.

December 14, 2008


I fucking LOVE hotels. Hotels are where I feel most at home and I spend A LOT of time staying in hotels.

For the last 15 years, I have been collecting hotel key cards and basically all hotel-branded paraphernalia from my many stays and have, at this point, accumulated quite a ridiculous collection.

A few months ago, I started assembling my collection and making art by arranging my various hotel stuff (mainly the keys) into interesting visual stories and patterns.

My little rule is that I cannot use photoshop, and I cannot use a key from a stay I haven’t stayed. Basically, they all have to be actual hotel keys from actual stays. Each key represents a stay and each key has at least one BANGER of a story to go along with it. Every key is a real, paid-for night in a hotel. For example, if I need four Ritz Carlton keys to use in the pattern, I need to actually have at least four Ritz Carlton keys. I won’t allow myself to cut, copy, and paste or use any Photoshop / Illustrator tricks. Additionally, I won’t go to hotels and “collect” keys for collecting sake. If I didn’t stay there, I can’t use the key.

Inspired by some of the common themes of “comfort” and “home” on many of the hotel keys I have collected over the years, I have even started making my own, original hotel keys with my own, original designs and “comfort” mottos. My main themes deal with the concept of the escape we seek through travel and my embracing of the “manufactured comfort” promised by the hospitality industry.

I have produced a limited edition hotel key for L’Attraction de la Boue and I have a few more coming soon. Below are some of the prints I have recently made with the help of my friend Jisoo Hong. Stay tuned for more exhibitions, prints for sale, and original keys.




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