Dutty Hut

July 13, 2009

Last month, we had the extreme pleasure of working with Sunglass Hut to celebrate the launch of their new Social Sun stations.

An in-store, experimental and interactive “photo booth”, Social Sun enables customers to see themselves in several sunglass styles at the same time, making “finding your cool” effortless. It provides users with the ability to email these pictures to friends, share on Facebook, or post on in-store flat screens for immediate feedback and reactions to their selected sunglasses. They also have the option of adding fun tag lines and captions to their image.

In order to make some noise to celebrate the launch of Social Sun, we orchestrated a collaboration between Sunglass Hut and legendary artist, Claw Money. Claw made a super-limited edition run of 200 pairs of sunglasses to be distributed exclusively to attendees of a private launch party we hosted that featured a performance by multi-platinum selling, Grammy award-winning artist, Sean Paul.

We put together a stellar line-up of dj’s for the event including DJ Max Glazer of the Federation Sound, Nick Catchdubs of Fool’s Gold Records, The New Yorker contributor, artist Stephen “Espo” Powers, and NBA star, Fancy, of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Besides top-notch musical talent, we called internet sensations The Arab Parrot and Cory Kennedy to host the party and artist Dust La Rock to design the invites.

The event ended up turning into three days of awesome, Sunglass Hut-powered fun that featured hotel antics at the brand new Ace Hotel, a daytime video shoot at the Herald Square Sunglass Hut, a private luncheon at Blue Smoke, the Social Sun launch party that evening, and the after party at Santos Party House to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the Federation Sound System and the completion of Sean Paul’s new album, Imperial Blaze.

For the festivities, we flew up the top, rising stars of the Jamaican dancehall music scene including Chino and Laden of the Big Ship Family, Leftside AKA Dr. Evil AKA Mr. Evil, Alric & Boyd, and Tifa, Timberlee, and Natalie Storm of T.N.T.

An amazing time was had by all.

Thanks Sunglass Hut!!!

Check some additional coverage of the events here…

Sunglass Hut Social Sun On Nitrolicious

Sunglass Hut Social Sun on Blogue

Sunglass Hut Social Sun on High Snobiety

More story and photos after the jump!!!

The Arab Parrot at The Ace Hotel the night before the party.

When everyone arrived, we made sure to hook the entire family up with a lovely stash of Lacoste.

Timberlee in Lacoste.

Tifa is mad flexible.

Natalie Storm

Boyd of Federation Sound

Leftside AKA Dr. Evil AKA Mr. Evil AKA Craig Parks

Laden of the Big Ship Family

Chino McGregor


DJ Kenny Meez

Alric & Boyd

Later in the night, the whole team got together to sign some autographs.

Chino and Daddy Rolo of Lonestar Sound


The Arab Parrot counting my money for me.

Cory Kennedy at the daytime video shoot at Sunglass Hut.

DJ Nick Catchdubs and artist Dust La Rock at the daytime video shoot at Sunglass Hut.

The Arab Parrot

The woman of the night, Claw Money

The Arab Parrot and Stephen “Espo” Powers

Di man dem call Alric

Kenny Meez, Leftside, Chino, and Max Glazer getting interviewed

Chino and Max Glazer

Sean Paul tries on glasses at Sunglass Hut

Dancehall superstars Laden, Sean Paul, Cory Kennedy, and Leftside

DJ Max Glazer uses the Sunglass Hut Social Sun station with Sean Paul


Wendy Lam of Nitrolicious.com and Yu Ming Wu of Freshnessmag.com


ESPO pouting as he DJs


Rebbeca Maysles (Daughter of Albert Maysles…awesome!!!) and Mic Neumann


DJ Fancy




Claw Money drinking for two


The ladies of Sunglass Hut.


DJ Kenny Meez, Leftside, and Max Glazer




Max Glazer


Alric & Boyd


The Social Sun Station



Roxy Cottontail and DJ Queen Majesty




DJ Nick Catchdubs, a girl, and DJ Ayres


Wendy Lam of Nitrolicious, Erin McGhee of MadeMe, Claw Money, and Jenn from Worship Worthy


Chino, Laden, and Leftside


Natalie Storm and Chino


Natalie Storm, Tifa, and Chino


Crystal Moselle & Cory Kennedy


Cory Kennedy & DJ Nick Catchdubs


Laden, Sean Paul, and Chino


Sean Paul performs at Sunglass Hut




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