Hey, Jo’s

October 8, 2009


The Class Trip Corporation & Business Class held a very special dinner at longtime friend, Jim Chu’s, new restaurant, Jo’s in New York City.

We gathered a group of our super-creative and awesome extended family for an evening of fine food and catching up with special gifts provided to guests courtesy of Lacoste.

In attendance were creative masterminds like DJs Ayres and Cosmo Baker of The Rub, DJ A-Trak, Nick Catchdubs and Dust La Rock of Fools Gold Records, DJ Max Glazer of Federation Sound / Business Class, DJ Fancy, Mary Choi of Theawl.com, graffiti legend / designer Claw Money, Hot 97’s Miss Info, Chad from kidrobot, Eric Haze, Jen from Worship Worthy, television producer Mike Neumann, photographer Peter Dean Rickards, Rob & Arnaud from Alife, and rap legends Lord Finesse and Masta Ace.

It was great catching up with friends and enjoying a fine meal courtesy of Jim Chu and Jo’s.

About Jo’s

Jo’s is a casual American bistro featuring a 40-seat front Bar Room for cocktails, beer, wines and bar dining, and a casual 34-seat Dining Room in the back of the restaurant.  The goal is straightforward, casual,neighborhood dining at great prices with cocktails priced at $9, and a full menu of seasonal appetizers and entrees available for all guests in both the Bar Room and Dining Room. Rotating specials and off-menu items will showcase more refined dishes.

Owners Jim Chu (also of White Rabbit formerly Idlewild) and Johnny Santiago bring experience from supper club Torch to imbue the restaurant with anenergetic atmosphere. Executive chef Colin Kruzic’s experience behind the stoves at Nobu 57, Bouley, Maremma and James combine for a potent mix of quality, accessible food in a versatile, dynamic setting


264 Elizabeth St

Between Houston Prince Street

New York, NY 10012

Jo’s co-owner, Jim Chu



Rob from Alife


DJ Ayres


Masta Ace


Lord Finesse, Miss Info, DJ A-Trak, and Masta Ace


Nick Catchdubs & Cosmo Baker


Chad from kidrobot


Nick Catchdubs, DJ Ayres, and Max Glazer


Cosmo Baker


Gifts from Lacoste



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