Back To The Hoe Tell

December 30, 2008


(Originally Published In Mass Appeal Magazine)

While writing my literary classic  “Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail ‘72”, I began my long running, love-hate relationship with hotels. Researching a novel, traveling around, and checking into hotel after hotel can be grueling and the process certainly wears a hole in your mind, body and soul. I was trying to deconstruct the 1972 campaigns of idealist George McGovern and political hack Richard Nixon, and I ended up with a political vision that was eerily prophetic. With the same drug-addled alacrity and jaundiced wit that made my other books so amazing, in this piece, I turned my savage eye and gonzo heart to the repellent and seductive race for President. Also, during this process, I became quite the hotel connoisseur.

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