High Tea

January 28, 2010

Matt Goias and The Class Trip Corporation conceptualized, produced, and co-hosted an elegant High Tea event at the luxurious 2E Lounge at The Pierre Hotel to celebrate the launch of the Hiromi sneaker collaboration between LACOSTE and Married To The M.O.B.

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Hey, Jo’s

October 8, 2009


The Class Trip Corporation & Business Class held a very special dinner at longtime friend, Jim Chu’s, new restaurant, Jo’s in New York City.

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Malibu Progress Report

July 15, 2009


As some of you know, our boy Sean Meenan in the process of expanding his Cafe Habana empire to include a location in Malibu.

Check out this LA Eater post!

My Reggae Restaurant

December 12, 2008


I invented a reggae / Jamaican-themed restaurant in my mind and I already made the menu.

I swear this is really funny for like three people.


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Lacoste DJ Dinner

December 11, 2008


Two nights ago, The Class Trip Corporation and Lacoste hosted a holiday dinner with the intention of bringing together some of the greatest, living djs and musical minds.

We chose Da Silvano because that’s a classic player spot that frequently plays host to dinner gatherings with the likes of Lorne Michaels and Graydon Carter. You know, guys like us.

Anyway, dinner was great (except for the lamb) and many dear, next-level-music-nerd friends came through for wine and (talk of) song. Great opportunity to nerd it out with a bunch of old friends!

In attendance were DJs Ayres, Cosmo Baker, and Eleven of The Rub, the notorious Arab Parrot, Fool’s Gold fam A-Trak, Sammy Bananas, and Dust La Rock, Max Glazer and Fancy of Business Class, DJ Soul, DJ Spinbad, as well as rap legends D-Nice, old school Brooklyn famĀ Masta Ace, and old school Jersey fam Do It All from Lords Of The Underground.

A good time was had by all.

Thanks Lacoste!

Shouts to Kristin, Jes, Melissa, and John.

More Pics…

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And The Weiner Is..

October 17, 2008

The best hot dogs in the world, hands down, can be found at Walter’s in Mamaronek, NY. In Manhattan, however, F&B and Crif Dogs are both dope for different reasons. If you’re into hot dogs, you have to check all three of these spots.

Crif Dogs