Lacoste X Campanas

October 14, 2009


Lacoste teamed up with the Campanas brothers to create an amazing, ultra limited edition line for this holiday season.

Check out what our friends at the Blogue had to say.

Or visit the official project site HERE.


Hey, Jo’s

October 8, 2009


The Class Trip Corporation & Business Class held a very special dinner at longtime friend, Jim Chu’s, new restaurant, Jo’s in New York City.

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Sean Meenan On CNBC

July 13, 2009


Check out our boy, Cafe Habana owner, Sean Meenan on CNBC talking about some of Habana Outpost’s awesome, green engineering features and his non-profit project, Urban Studio BK.

Watch the video here!

Community Service

December 28, 2008


Business Class blogger, trusted colleague, lovely person, Mexican, beer enthusiast, and art major Linda Bernal recently began this project ¬†for a show at her school. Linda beautifies and “redecorates” random neighborhoods by hanging found, Salvation Army art in unexpected places. We here at Business Class are always down to provide some service to those who need it. Well done Linda!

Moving Keys

December 16, 2008


Read about my hotel keys on HotelChatter.Com

Yule (B)Log

December 15, 2008


Just finished putting up the official family Christmas tree in our house. Very stressful. Shit breaking, dogs drinking tree water and eating bulbs, lights going out, fuses blowing. I was totally being the dad from A Christmas Story and I invented like forty new curse words. Anyway, it’s all up now and everything looks great. Special shout to wifey on the help out and the stay-the-eff-outta-my-way-while-I’m-wrestling-with-lights tip.

Peep our holiday styles…

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Go Stay.

December 14, 2008


I fucking LOVE hotels. Hotels are where I feel most at home and I spend A LOT of time staying in hotels.

For the last 15 years, I have been collecting hotel key cards and basically all hotel-branded paraphernalia from my many stays and have, at this point, accumulated quite a ridiculous collection.

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