Good Hard Times

May 7, 2009

Check our the church our dead friend Steve “Espo” Powers built recently in St. Louis, MO.


Au Revoir Paris

December 11, 2008


Finally home from a long and rewarding trip to Paris. 

I would like to shout very special thank yous to Sarah, Colette, Daniel Barth from Graf Von Faber Castell, Mike Levy, Marco-the-very-cranky-but-extremely-on-point production guy, Oscar-the-third-most-awesome-dog-ever, Christophe Lemaire, Marie and Alexis at Lacoste, and our drunken hooligan Ireland posse.

Check out Colette where you can purchase a number of highly valuable items from the show.

Peep some of the coverage the show received…





More pics from the trip after the jump…

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Hannah Gram

October 31, 2008

A short while ago, I posted about the beautiful works by artist Hanna Hooper. I am pleased that a friend of hers saw my post and sent us a very nice email thanking us, along with some new “doodles” from the artist who has been out of the country, painting in residency in Greece.

A big fan of hers, I am pleased to be able to post these works here.

Check it.

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Other People's Electricity

October 27, 2008

Stephen “ESPO” Powers just sent me some brand new, never-before-seen work that he will be exhibiting at Colette in Paris beginning December 1.

He also sent me a message to go along with these works…

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Nice Box

October 27, 2008

I came across artist Jenny Brillhart a few years ago while vacationing in Miami. She paints a lot of US1 motels, geometric convergences of shape that occur in buildings, and what appear to be the backs of Southern Florida strip malls. It makes me feel good whenever someone can extract accidental beauty and order from the cracks of the world that weren’t necessarily even intended to be beautiful or orderly.

I really really love her work. She is awesome.

Jenny Brillhart

Meat The Artist

October 22, 2008

Mark Ryden’s work is unbelievable.

Energizing The Base

October 22, 2008

I love this guys work.

Gary Baseman

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