This Party Sucks

July 13, 2009

Check out our new song This Party Sucks by Business Class featuring Ill-O & Swinton!

We wanted to make the ultimate theme song for sucky parties. Enjoy.

Download it now for free!!!

This Party Sucks (Street)

This Party Sucks (Clean)


Max Vs. Max

January 15, 2009

In January of 2001 I went to the porno convention in Las Vegas. I met the beyond-gross adult film director / actor Max Hardcore and got him to shout out my homey. Peep game.

I have mad footage from this trip and I am chopping it up and getting ready to post it soon. Stay tuned.

Back To The Hoe Tell

December 30, 2008


(Originally Published In Mass Appeal Magazine)

While writing my literary classic  “Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail ‘72”, I began my long running, love-hate relationship with hotels. Researching a novel, traveling around, and checking into hotel after hotel can be grueling and the process certainly wears a hole in your mind, body and soul. I was trying to deconstruct the 1972 campaigns of idealist George McGovern and political hack Richard Nixon, and I ended up with a political vision that was eerily prophetic. With the same drug-addled alacrity and jaundiced wit that made my other books so amazing, in this piece, I turned my savage eye and gonzo heart to the repellent and seductive race for President. Also, during this process, I became quite the hotel connoisseur.

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My Strip Club Book

December 27, 2008


A few years ago I began writing an epic book about strip clubs, The Ultimate Strip Club Guide. It’s a major work in progress and not totally finished yet because I’m being a psycho perfectionist about it. I feel like if I’m gonna do it, it seriously has to be the end-all book on American strip clubs.

Anyway, in the weeks and weeks while I was writing and “researching” the book, I observed some interesting things in my notes and started making funny sidebar lists, facts, and anecdotes based on the  data I had collected for the book. Here is a small example.

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Au Revoir Paris

December 11, 2008


Finally home from a long and rewarding trip to Paris.

I would like to shout very special thank yous to Sarah, Colette, Daniel Barth from Graf Von Faber Castell, Mike Levy, Marco-the-very-cranky-but-extremely-on-point production guy, Oscar-the-third-most-awesome-dog-ever, Christophe Lemaire, Marie and Alexis at Lacoste, and our drunken hooligan Ireland posse.

Check out Colette where you can purchase a number of highly valuable items from the show.

Peep some of the coverage the show received…





More pics from the trip after the jump…

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L’Attraction de la Boue

(Warning: Some of the images in this post are explicit and NSFW)

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(Some pics explicit and NSFW)

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