A Love Letter For You

August 18, 2009

Our boy Stephen “ESPO” Powers is finishing up his latest public art project, “A Love Letter For You” by which he is painting a 35-part love letter on the rooftops of his hometown of Philadelphia.

This is some of Steve’s most impressive work yet. This is so amazing that I’m kinda speechless.

Check this out now.


Good Hard Times

May 7, 2009

Check our the church our dead friend Steve “Espo” Powers built recently in St. Louis, MO.

Au Revoir Paris

December 11, 2008


Finally home from a long and rewarding trip to Paris. 

I would like to shout very special thank yous to Sarah, Colette, Daniel Barth from Graf Von Faber Castell, Mike Levy, Marco-the-very-cranky-but-extremely-on-point production guy, Oscar-the-third-most-awesome-dog-ever, Christophe Lemaire, Marie and Alexis at Lacoste, and our drunken hooligan Ireland posse.

Check out Colette where you can purchase a number of highly valuable items from the show.

Peep some of the coverage the show received…





More pics from the trip after the jump…

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L’Attraction de la Boue

(Warning: Some of the images in this post are explicit and NSFW)

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How Soon Is Now?

November 30, 2008


It’s crunch time. Only one more day until the opening of “A True Provider Is Good To Find and L’Attraction de la Boue” at Colette in Paris.

Here, Steve flosses his Graf Von Faber Castell “Perfect Pencil” and a crispy, new Lacoste polo.

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Heart On

November 27, 2008


Up-to-the-minute coverage of Steve’s paintings for the opening at Colette.


(Some pics explicit and NSFW)

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