High Tea

January 28, 2010

Matt Goias and The Class Trip Corporation conceptualized, produced, and co-hosted an elegant High Tea event at the luxurious 2E Lounge at The Pierre Hotel to celebrate the launch of the Hiromi sneaker collaboration between LACOSTE and Married To The M.O.B.

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Jamaica Nice

July 13, 2009


Recently, I spent almost a solid month on the sunny isle of Jamaica…

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Back To The Hoe Tell

December 30, 2008


(Originally Published In Mass Appeal Magazine)

While writing my literary classic  “Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail ‘72”, I began my long running, love-hate relationship with hotels. Researching a novel, traveling around, and checking into hotel after hotel can be grueling and the process certainly wears a hole in your mind, body and soul. I was trying to deconstruct the 1972 campaigns of idealist George McGovern and political hack Richard Nixon, and I ended up with a political vision that was eerily prophetic. With the same drug-addled alacrity and jaundiced wit that made my other books so amazing, in this piece, I turned my savage eye and gonzo heart to the repellent and seductive race for President. Also, during this process, I became quite the hotel connoisseur.

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Moving Keys

December 16, 2008


Read about my hotel keys on HotelChatter.Com

Go Stay.

December 14, 2008


I fucking LOVE hotels. Hotels are where I feel most at home and I spend A LOT of time staying in hotels.

For the last 15 years, I have been collecting hotel key cards and basically all hotel-branded paraphernalia from my many stays and have, at this point, accumulated quite a ridiculous collection.

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L'Attraction De La Boue

November 2, 2008

Check out this project Steve and I are doing in Paris…

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Nice Box

October 27, 2008

I came across artist Jenny Brillhart a few years ago while vacationing in Miami. She paints a lot of US1 motels, geometric convergences of shape that occur in buildings, and what appear to be the backs of Southern Florida strip malls. It makes me feel good whenever someone can extract accidental beauty and order from the cracks of the world that weren’t necessarily even intended to be beautiful or orderly.

I really really love her work. She is awesome.

Jenny Brillhart